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Location #1: Translation Science Research Building, 71 S. Manassas Street Rm 110-Clients will have call 901-448-6191 to get into the Molecular Resource Center. The Transnetyx drop box is inside the lab.
Central Shipper: Felicia Waller
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Kristin Uyl
Midwest Sales Manager
UTMRC with Transnetyx

Exclusive Genotyping Agreement

Transnetyx has developed a proprietary technology and high throughput process for DNA extraction and analysis. The automated genotyping service screens for transgenic, knockout, knock in mutations and single base changes in tissue using real time PCR. Results are reported electronically within 72 hours.
The direct to lab service offered by Transnetyx includes easy ordering of free supplies and only a return shipping charge for convenience. The TAGCenter program provides a more streamlined service with free shipping and a central location for supplies as well as a centralized invoice to the institution to make payment simpler for researchers.  Through on site TAGCenters, Transnetyx automated genotyping services are made more convenient and more affordable for academic research labs.
Transnetyx offers a fast, easy and accurate way to get your genotyping results.
See how the process works with this short video.

We are confident that once you see the time you save, and the change it will make in managing your valuable colonies that you will stop spending your time genotyping and start spending it on research.  That’s why we’d like you to try it free.
The Transnetyx Quick Order system allows you to place orders, manage your genetic strain information and assays, as well as view and manage your genotyping results.
FAST Results in 24 or 72 hours
EASY Clip It - Free Sample Submission Supplies
  Ship It - Free Shipping
  Click It - Online results as quickly as the next day
ACCURATE 99.97% Accuracy
  More than 5,000 MGI and JAX lines available
  More than 10,500 real time PCR assays in stock - Free Assay Design

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Transnetyx, Inc.
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